My site is dedicated to voicing my opinion about the state of the political environment - and the lack of civility and tolerance growing in the ranks of the conservative movement.
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June 11, 2004 by GeoATL
A fond farewell to a man that didn't let his lack of sight prevent him from seeing a beautiful world filled with possibilities. I saw an episode of "Cross Roads" on CMT (Country Music Television) last week. Cross Roads, for those who don't watch, is a CMT show that brings two genres of music together by inviting one person of musical talent and encouraging that person to invite their idol. The episode included Travis Tritt (who I'm not a particular fan of - you can guess why, lol) and Ray Char...
June 10, 2004 by GeoATL
Well, nothing says welcome like a swift kick in the balls! Yesterday I attended a conference in Atlanta entitled "Nonprofit Summit". It's basically an annual event that attempts to gather the leaders of nonprofits to share resources, ideas, and solutions to some of our society's most pressing problems. I have dedicated by entire life to nonprofit work. Rather accidentally at first - but in the last 10 years and for the rest of my life - it's been quite intentional. Anyway, while at the confer...
June 10, 2004 by GeoATL
With all due respect to someone who took a bullet while serving in his role as the leader of our country, former President Ronald Reagan was not the perfect person he is being portrayed to be at this time. His years of professional work in Hollywood trained him well for a life in politics. Knowing how to position one's self in such a way to always present your "best side" was a strong suit of his. He also had a wonderful knack for using humor to disarm his detractors.

That said, I find i...
June 9, 2004 by GeoATL
There's an old country music song entitled, "You've gotta stand for something, or you'll fall for any-thing." And I think it's about high time that those of us who've sit comfortably on the sideline entered the debate of what is wrong with this world we live in. Feel free to join me in our right of free expression - join a blog, and share it with the world. Happy Bloggin!